Being Beloved

Act Medium

When we used to live on a military base there were certain people that had a popular bumper sticker that said something about how being a wife of someone in the military was the hardest job in the military… something like that. Anyway, it always got on my nerves for obvious reasons. This touting is the opposite of acting medium. The proverb that talks about letting others praise you instead of your own mouth is usually a good code to follow.

Chuck Swindoll tells this story of a group of kids that have set up a club house out of cardboard and they posted this sign up as their rules. It is sort of brilliant. Acting medium. Don’t act big. Don’t act small.

Just relax and have some fun. Lighten up, you over there, thinking you are a big deal. Also you who constantly needs to be built up and loved in a way only God can accomplish. A card board clubhouse is too small for big heads and not strong enough to uphold the self pity of the small soul.

The truth is, reality is usually in between. Everyone seems to sit at times high up and on top of everything just as much as they seem to have those less brilliant years. There are years that the job is boring and you feel you are unseen and insignificant. The way things seem are not always the whole reality.

The thing about acting medium is we each talk honestly and maybe even laugh a little about the difficult as well as the high points of life. In a world searching to define each and every one of us by what we do, medium people are more concerned with the why we do what we do. The motivation. For self, others, or God, a strange mix of all three?

Know you have purpose. Know when you do your best. Acknowledge when it turns out perfect; that vision in your head that comes to a beautiful fruition. It’s okay to celebrate just don’t go on reminding everyone of what you did after the celebration.

But it’s also good to remember (and humbling) that it is through God you have any purpose at all. His plans and purposes will still manifest with or without you. The world doesn’t depend on you. Sort of sad but sort of life giving at the same time.

If you want to be happy in life, search for however long it takes to find out God’s purpose for you. Because it was planned for you. No one will ever see the world exactly like you. No one will experience exactly what you have.

Whatever you do in life do it to the glory of God. Because it seems like when God is the focus, we can follow the rule and act medium easier. His love lifts us from the depths of the earth. He places us right were He wants us to grow for a season and when we outgrow that place, that season, when we are getting to big for that spot He moves us again….always eternally. From glory to glory.


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