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Bloom Where You Are Planted

It’s sort of funny but also sad. I learned from the internet that this saying is not in the bible. Then I found images with this saying on it and someone else saying it was a bible verse. I’m sharing this, because we are told to seek and we will find. This I know is in the bible.

Initially I was trying to find this verse I had read, about a year or so ago. It said something like, God will show you how to live here (as in this place). I know it was in the old testament but I couldn’t find it. I remembered this saying, so looked it up and learned what I wrote above.

The funny but sad thing is these specific words are not in the bible. But this principle is in the bible, actually quite a few times. When Jesus said seek, He didn’t mean for us to casually look right in front of us for the quickest information. He meant search. Not because God is hiding but because there is a spiritual battle going on. Why would an enemy give you intel easily or freely?

The enemy is more likely to say about the above, “no that is not God’s word or yes it is God’s word.” Then you walk away content that you now have the answer. In a twisted sort of way these are both true. If we look into the bible we see words about being content and living peacefully. God tell us His saints will not be moved, that they will be preserved. Paul mentions staying in the same situation as before you were called by God, whether a slave or free.

And there is that verse I mysteriously can’t recall the location of, “God showing us how to live here.” This is becoming much more about searching, lifting up piles of papers and sorting through books than it is about Blooming Where You Are Planted. I guess I could change the title but I won’t because it all seems to go together in some strange way.

After all isn’t blooming a sort of pushing through dirt, fighting weeds that threaten to strangle, and a search closer and closer to light? Some of us might need to be reminded that we are exactly where we are meant to be; in order for light to be shined down on truth.

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