grace of God

When We Need Naps And Nourishment

I sat on the side of my bed and thought, “I should use this time to pray.” Because I am basically on a forced fast as my mouth heals from getting wisdom teeth removed. I’ve had a lot on my mind and my heart lately. Still sitting there I think, ” yes, I’ll light a […]

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This Is My Father’s World

I used to run early in the morning. For the most part my mind would focus on breathing but sometimes my mind would conjure up some horrific images of what could happen to me on a wooded path with a background of darkness. Add the occasional glowing eyes of an animal, usually a deer, but […]

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Constant Grace

You know the way toddlers walk with shaky uncertainty. A little drunk on the whole idea of being upright and able to move about. They’ve waited for this moment their whole life. The wait is over. Stepping out after a time of waiting can be scary yet exciting at the same time. We do not […]

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