Being Beloved

Remembering what we already know

This morning I needed to remember what it was God had invited me to at the beginning of this year. The repeated words of Jesus as Mary sat at His feet learning. Sometimes when God is trying to get my attention it seems He uses the same words and themes, but all from different people and different aspects of my life. A devotional, a piece of art I happened to see one day, a word, the same word repeated from someone talking to me. Its like a trail of manna, just enough for that day, nothing overwhelming or so very obvious. It’s not really enough to feed me for more than a day or enough to prove one hundred percent that it is a path God is trying to show me.

It’s actual work to remember, its a small form of meditation I think. Remembering the benefits God has already given. This January I felt invited to let this year have a theme. Sitting at the feet of Jesus, learning more about spiritual things even as the Martha things still needed to be done. But I’m learning to leave some things for later, or some things completely left undone.

Sometimes I am finding myself saying no to really good things that just don’t seem to fit my life for this season. There are so many things to know, to see, to experience. I had to remember this morning, because I felt scattered in a million places. So, there is walking in the woods and being reminded that I get to rest here, not for long but for an hour or two. I’ve learned this stepping away from life, a walk, a yoga class, being still and knowing He is God; it all helps me remember what I already know. Refocus.


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