Being Beloved

Whatever Things Are True

Because there are still truths that in spite of being pushed into the darkness eventually come to light. There are people that tell the truth even when it makes them look bad or not as smart as someone else. Isn’t this a space of beauty in the inner person, in the motivation of the heart. This nobleness. This refusing to live a life based on any sort of lie.

Because what a waste it is too live amidst lies. When in a moment, if the truth would be seen or heard or simply faced then a freedom would come. It is lies that enslave the mind while the truth sets us free. A truth is difficult to face but only when we face it will justice prevail.

Because none of us are good on our own. How could we possibly survive if we were truly born good and unselfish? We wouldn’t, we don’t. Babies cry from hunger and a million bad things happen because babies grow up and they are still hungry.

What if we face this truth? You never see real beauty if you can’t accept this truth. You have to know where you are working from and what you have to work with. Whatever is pure is recognized when we experience the man made adulteration of the pure. It’s a bit tainted and strange. Almost like God but not quite.

Almost lovely and good. Almost beautiful. Almost the truth. Just one shackled ankle instead of two, you can walk fine enough. Doing good because society says so instead of because a holy Spirit has placed it in your heart to do it.

It seems to all spiral down from true, the noble, the just, the pure, the lovely, the focus on the good, the unearthing of virtues like rare gems that God gives us. Some are so much easier to attain than others and only God knows what comes easy or hard for anyone. Maybe this is why beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because nobody can tell you or show you what is meant to be beauty in your life, only a personal God can do that.

I hope He does this for each of us. But we have to be there, willing to be interrupted, casting our gaze and engaging our senses to experience it all. Don’t just let the truth disappear into the darkness. Clasp it onto your soul even if there is a pinch. Meditate on all the beauty.


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