The Unraveling Of The Day

Because sometimes I don’t know how my day needs to unravel until I begin my conversation with my heavenly Father. What will He reveal? Often it is the same thing from Thursday or the same things that were revealed on a random January afternoon. I am on this path of loving Him. And if I […]

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The Dwelling of Wisdom and Prudence

On a morning that I was seeking practical, how to live in wisdom today sort of advice, I opened the book of Proverbs. I wondered why I could not hear her crying out. I’m sure you know how the mind works. You think you know something only to realize for whatever reason right then and […]

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Focus When Confronted With Should

First let’s make sure we understand the word should. The definition of should is: 1.indicates obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions. 2. used to indicate what is probable. A should is like a child’s floating device in the water. You feel secure, light and floating along, you are probably not going to […]

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