Knowledge of God

You Are Beloved

First and foremost is God’s love for us. If I can live, work, rest, create, love others, essentially do all I do from this center of knowledge -that I am a beloved child of God; I believe then I will realize and fulfill all that God so lovingly and carefully created me for. I know […]

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What Is It?

Manna was the food God sent and it’s literal meaning is “what is it?” God poured it down. A hoarfrost of silvery white settled morning after morning. It tasted of coriander and honey. Before it was gathered, before it was cooked in pans, before it was a cake spicy and sweet tasting of pastry cooked […]

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Some Things About God

God’s thoughts are not my thoughts. We can try to align our lives here on earth with the ways of God and being who He created us to be. But we are still flesh locked souls, encumbered and limited. Knowing fully the mind of God isn’t really something God asks of us. He asks that […]

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