Being Beloved

You Are Beloved

First and foremost is God’s love for us. If I can live, work, rest, create, love others, essentially do all I do from this center of knowledge -that I am a beloved child of God; I believe then I will realize and fulfill all that God so lovingly and carefully created me for. I know I cannot love others without first being loved. I know I cannot know my full identity without first knowing for certain that I am Beloved by God.

So much seems to hinge on this knowledge. Knowledge of God as well as knowledge of myself. Not the superficial knowing of self where it’s all high fives and a go-girl attitude, but the soul deep knowing. The telling of the truth, the good, the bad, the ugly. The things the Spirit sort of whispers might be a problem but you ignore it; but the holy spirit doesn’t get louder, only quieter.

The one who gets louder and louder is satan, the enemy of our soul. All those things God tells us are certainties, like His love and His providence, all those truths we have to hold onto dearly because that is who God is. The enemy does come to steal, kill and destroy with any lie he can wrap up in the package that might entice you best not necessarily to sin but to forgetting the goodness and truth of who God really is, who you really are. Without the truth of knowing God as well as knowing yourself we are weak and wind tossed with every mood and circumstance.

Always know God is coming from a place of love, no matter what it may look like. His love is overarching always promising relationship and never promising worldly perfection. But isn’t that what we need?

We who follow Jesus are God’s beloved daughters and sons. I decided I needed to believe this, deep down. I needed to train this into my heart. So I wrote it as a creed to practice. I said it slowly, as a meditation, every time I would pray. Over time as I spoke this creed over my life, I watched how more than any other discipline, it powerfully transformed my life into Christ-likeness.

Bobby Schuller-



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