Being Beloved

Month: August 2020

Focus When Confronted With Should

First let’s make sure we understand the word should. The definition of should is: 1.indicates obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions. 2. used to indicate what is probable. A should is like a child’s floating device in the water. You feel secure, light and floating along, you are probably not going to […]

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When I first became a Christian, around 15 years old, I remember hearing a lot about changing your life to be more Christ-like. Before I rushed into any big change I thought I would ask God to be specific. So, I prayed He would show me an area where I needed change. I was reading […]

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Focused VS. Simplified

I have to admit in some ways I love minimalist, simplicity, eating farm to table, the capsule wardrobe. There is a classic elegance, a graceful way of living when we are able to say that nothing else is needed. When one candle on the table is enough. Just a few perfect flowers in a vase. […]

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Whatever Things Are True

Because there are still truths that in spite of being pushed into the darkness eventually come to light. There are people that tell the truth even when it makes them look bad or not as smart as someone else. Isn’t this a space of beauty in the inner person, in the motivation of the heart. […]

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