Being Beloved

Month: January 2021

The Uncontainable God

Uncontainable. The attribute I find the most comforting is this, His omnipresence. The human idea we can keep Him sequestered in only certain corners of life and the world, reminds me of how much at times I want to hide away or even go as far as denying Him existing right there beside me in […]

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When The Almighty Hides Us

I read a story from Corrie Ten Boom in her book, A Prisoner And Yet. Corrie tells about her experience of arriving at a concentration camp and passing through the guards searching for any contraband. She had a bible hidden in her dress. She wanted to keep this bible so she prayed: “Lord, cause now […]

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The Comfort of Being Hemmed In

I love small jewel box type rooms. The ones Victorian houses are famous for. Every room is it’s own sequestered nook. No modern day open floor plan where all the family activities are done in the same big open space. The Victorians made lovely draped in rooms. Specific rooms for specific activities. The library for […]

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If I Walk Into The Bramble

It is not that God hides his path from us, He does not take us down pathways only to leave us there with nothing but an intersection ahead. I imagine God standing there on the main path watching me as I run into some beautiful meadow and pick flowers to take home and put in […]

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