the senses

Whatever Things Are True

Because there are still truths that in spite of being pushed into the darkness eventually come to light. There are people that tell the truth even when it makes them look bad or not as smart as someone else. Isn’t this a space of beauty in the inner person, in the motivation of the heart. […]

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Living Fully Beloved

We went for a short vacation to Montana. Where we stayed was surrounded by mountains. Sitting outside, the wind blew a chill June breeze that reminded me summer has not yet arrived here in Montana. I could see snow capped mountains even as the sun felt warm midday. Still Spring, the season of uncertainty. But […]

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Sense of Smell

We are the aroma of life. Maybe because it is almost Autumn I imagine Christ smelling of falling leaves, drying grass, woods and earth, remnants of frankincense. Do I diffuse the fragrance of Him? His knowledge? Or, do I approach others and diffuse anxiety? The scent of sweat and my own blood, not yet dead […]

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