Being Beloved

Living Fully Beloved

Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the brethren and for strangers. - 3 John 1:5

We went for a short vacation to Montana. Where we stayed was surrounded by mountains. Sitting outside, the wind blew a chill June breeze that reminded me summer has not yet arrived here in Montana. I could see snow capped mountains even as the sun felt warm midday. Still Spring, the season of uncertainty.

But the mountains circled around me. This surrounding majesty is sometimes exactly what a soul needs. These are the rocks Jesus spoke of, that will cry out in praise if the rest of His creation chooses to keep silent. What chaos would ensue if these mountains did exactly that?


“I tell you,” He replied, ” If they keep silent, the stones will cry out.” Luke 19:40

I remember that I am loved by God. I say thank you because He loves me. To continually have God breathe life back into me so I am able to work out all that He puts in. I can rest here, God whispers this, not audibly, not to my ears but to my unseen soul, with my senses, with my mind of Christ. Discernment.

When we seek and find the truth about God for ourselves we realize when Jesus talked about, obeying Him if we love Him, it all comes full circle. He loved us first. He pursues us and invites us to simply be Christ like and step away from crowds to rest in Him. He feeds us, waters us, graces us with glimpses of Himself. Then, we work faithfully. We obey because we love Him.

We love Him because He is a personal God and we each have our own reason why. There is such a beauty and mystery about this. I think this is what enables us to do good to others. The individual love that God has for each of us, His way of showing that love teaches us how we can share and show love to those placed in our lives, those we love, strangers and even our so called enemies.

We can trust He wants us to have a hope and a future. He doesn’t want to harm us. But He is interested first and foremost in our soul not our body. To be faithful as a beloved daughter or son of God is life at it’s fullest. We are never more ourselves then when we are being exactly who God created us to be.


janice caskey:

So beautifully written.. Its so good to truly experience God’s world he gave us to enjoy.


    It’s nice to take a break and enjoy the scenery and then know who to thank.


Beautiful, Jennifer. You are a talented writer!!


    thanks Wanda! I try.


I agree with you Jennifer, “To be faithful as a beloved daughter or son of God is life as its fullest.” This is a beautiful post! Thank you.


    Thank you Cathy. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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