Being Beloved

Month: May 2020

A House That Feels Like Home

It’s brick and stone say, “far enough.” It’s door politely asks, “knock first.” It’s front garden reveals, “they sip coffee early in the morning here, there in the wicker chairs behind the purple iris’s.” The foyer forgets to be modest and proclaims to everyone, “forgive the shoes, and jackets, and piles of mail, the mud […]

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

It’s sort of funny but also sad. I learned from the internet that this saying is not in the bible. Then I found images with this saying on it and someone else saying it was a bible verse. I’m sharing this, because we are told to seek and we will find. This I know is […]

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In the 1600’s a young soldier named Nicholas Herman decide to devote his life to following God and learning more about Christ. He joined a monastery and took the name Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection. He worked for the most part in the kitchen. Through the decades Brother Lawrence learned, what Christ had also known, […]

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Act Medium

When we used to live on a military base there were certain people that had a popular bumper sticker that said something about how being a wife of someone in the military was the hardest job in the military… something like that. Anyway, it always got on my nerves for obvious reasons. This touting is […]

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