Being Beloved

Month: April 2020

Notes on a Poem

Lines Last after Chris Rice ● ● ● It was the very last lines Of “Our Best Minds” That compelled me to risk: Return prodigal pen to poetry. “Where are you now?” he wrote. You with the great art in you, where are you? “Withering unknown on your dying bed Because you were afraid to […]

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Life Without The Loveliness

When small suntan brown hands handed me a fistful of sweaty dandelions I was at a time in life when I gave little or no thought to this ending. These sweet moments, because is there anything sweeter than 4 year old boys picking flowers for their mother? The good and perfect gift that comes from […]

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What Is It?

Manna was the food God sent and it’s literal meaning is “what is it?” God poured it down. A hoarfrost of silvery white settled morning after morning. It tasted of coriander and honey. Before it was gathered, before it was cooked in pans, before it was a cake spicy and sweet tasting of pastry cooked […]

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