Being Beloved

Month: March 2020

Small Dinners

I’m thinking about the havens we create. What we allow in and what we say no thank you to. What we compromise on and what we hold our ground on. What is required for each of us to say, “I can rest here.” Towels. Big, fluffy, towels fresh from a dryer with the scent of […]

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Some Things About God

God’s thoughts are not my thoughts. We can try to align our lives here on earth with the ways of God and being who He created us to be. But we are still flesh locked souls, encumbered and limited. Knowing fully the mind of God isn’t really something God asks of us. He asks that […]

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Being Considered by God

It’s fascinating that this was never part of the sermon or Sunday School lesson. At least as far as I can remember. I guess I pictured the scenario playing out differently. I knew God gave permission to Satan to attack Job but I didn’t realize God actually brought Job into the limelight. Timing is everything […]

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