Being Beloved

A Snow Covered Dawn

When it feels like there are a hundred things that press down, what if I resolutely uninvited them. Excluded them as I would any other enemy of my soul. The hundred things that need to be done, humble me as I conclude that maybe only one or two of these things has actually been asked of me from Your Son. What praise, what glory, what kindness I deprive God of.

“Give unto the Lord the glory due His name; Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” Psalm 29:2

Holy is being set aside, special and sacred. Can I be there with Him? This is what He wants. On a morning run, in the small ritual of tea, sitting with a journal and pen, opening the bible and reading a verse and of course in a church where we are reminded that there are others that set aside as sacred, worship and relationship.

I can’t help but to believe the Creator loves beauty. Snow on branches, ice dangerous but beautiful, red berries with a white fur coat, the cold in my face, reminding me, it is all right here in front of me. But I have to open my eyes and look, I have to drive or walk on the dangerous ice, I have to breathe deeply letting that cold in my face make its way to my lungs where ultimately I am invigorated.


We can’t expect God to save us if we don’t turn our eyes to Him rather than the problem, and then He doesn’t often take the problems, all the things weighing us down, they persistently usually remain. But He gives us rest, He gives us manna for the next hours ahead. When I think of manna I think of snow and how futile it would be to gather it all up…thats a whole other post.


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